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Common Issues with PlayStation 4: Why Your PS4 Won’t Turn On?

PlayStation is not only utilized by children, but even adults also find enjoyment playing games with this console. One of the series, PlayStation 4, is quite loved by the public.

It makes gaming more immersive due to the graphic delivery and stellar resolution. Basically, everyone can play various games on this console.

However, there are some common PS4 issues experienced by many users which can be a drawback. What are the possible issues that may arise in its usage?

Some Common PS4 Issues Experienced by Gaming-goers Worldwide

Let’s scrutinize the following PS4 issues experienced by users around the world when using this gaming console.

Wi-Fi connection issue

An example of common PS4 issues is the Wi-Fi connection issue. Sometimes your console just does not want to connect to the Wi-Fi system, which is troubling especially if you plan to do a system update. 

One way to check if there is any issue with it is by making sure that the Wi-Fi router is set correctly. It might be helpful to turn it off and back on so that the issue can be reset. However, if that does not work, the issue might be originated in the console. If it is possible to connect the console to Ethernet cable, that method may work better.

DualShock 4 issue

Another sample of PS4 issues is the DualShock 4 control which may not run properly. There is a solution for this, which is to charge the controller because it might run out of battery.

However, it does not always work in many cases. Resetting the controller might be the best bet and it can be done by connecting the controller through USD to the console.

Failing to turn on

Some gamers experience the issue when the console will not run after pressing the power button or it turns on for a short time before suddenly shutting down again.

At times, it might happen so suddenly without any prior signs which can be really annoying. It can be because there is data corruption or accumulating dust. The following methods might give pointers on how someone can fix this particular issue.

  • Removing and reinserting the plug to console
  • Gently but firmly hit the top of the console
  • Cleaning the console from any visible dust gently
  • Connecting console to the controller for database rebuilding
  • Inserting a disk to the console (only if the slot is empty)
  • Sending the console to professional

Freezing display in the midst of gaming session

When someone is playing a game, it is annoying to be interrupted. Unfortunately among several PS4 issues, the freezing display is one of the most common occurrences experienced by home-based gamers.

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The first reason for this case happens to be overheating. If the device is placed in an enclosed space and used to run games for long hours, its system might get too heated and causing display freeze.

In this case, the user needs to move the device to a more open area with good air circulation. If that does not work then turning off the device to let it rest is better.

The second reason for freezing display is because the console system is not up to date. Bugs might be found in the PlayStation 4 operation system. In order to battle this, the manufacturer conducts regular system update.

Unfortunately, not all users adhere to the suggestion of updating the system regularly. To solve this issue, the user is recommended to check whether there is a system update request.

Constant blue light blink

This is among PS4 issues which mostly happen to consoles that are produced close to the initial release. Consoles released later are spared from this issue. Users worldwide reported how the blue power light does not turn white upon switching on the console.

It keeps emitting blue blink and later on the device may turn off so suddenly. This problem is said to be caused by hardware or software defects.

If it is possibly caused by a hardware defect, the user can bring the console to the manufacturer’s retail store for reparation. If the console is still under warranty period then the repairing service comes for free.

Non-working HDMI cables

Just like the previous issue, this particular case often happens to the older product shipment. It is possibly due to the shipping process. Although this case may not be as frequent as in the past, the solution might work if somehow new users experience such an issue.

HDMI cable issue is inconvenient because then the console cannot be connected to the video or audio system. There are several ways in which one can try to deal with it: i.e., looking for any visible damage in the HDMI cable and the ports, straighten up bent metal if such defect occurs, and replacing the cable with a new one if the old one is unsalvageable.

Hopefully, the above explanation on common PS4 issues and the possible solutions for them might be able to shed some light on how to navigate this gaming console properly.

There is no tool without defect, and thus knowing how to deal with the plausible issues is more important. PlayStation 4 itself is a great console regardless of its drawbacks. Many users have attested to that.

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