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What Caused Stain in Your Mattress?

For homeowners, probably mattress stain is one of the most annoying things to happen in the bedroom. Mattress is essentially the mandatory thing to be on the room, and sometimes it is plagued with an ugly, yellow stain that makes the mattress looks awful.

How could these stains happen? Read the explanations down below, and then you will understand the causes even better.

Mattress Stain Causes You Should Know

According to of of mattress-related blog Pick My Bed, there are so many causes of mattress stain that you should know. Basically, the mattresses in the bedroom are quite delicate, and they are prone to stain.

Therefore, after reading this information and you do realize what things cause those stains, you can prevent them by protecting the mattress with sheets or something else.


Sweat is the main cause of the stain. When you are sleeping, most of the time you will profoundly sweat, especially when you have less ventilation in the room. Body sweat sticks on the mattress for good and it won’t be long before the sweat mark becomes a stain. To avoid this sweat mark, protect the mattress with a bed sheet all the time.


When your kids are not potty-trained and they are, by chance, do not wear diapers, there are huge chances that they may pee on the mattress. Urine gets soaked into the mattress and when they dried out, it will leave a yellow, stinky mark on the mattress.

The mattress stain caused by urine won’t be easy to remove and the mattress will have to be cleaned properly after that.

Other Bodily Fluids

For your information, Sweat and urine are not the only bodily fluids that can cause stains on the mattress. Other bodily fluids are surely capable to leave ugly stains on the mattress. Saliva, semen, and blood are some of them.

Saliva may leave a yellow stain on the mattress that is easier to remove. Semen leaves a stiff stain on there and it is harder to clean for sure. Blood is the hardest bodily fluid to clean as it will leave a brown-reddish mark on the mattress.

The Food Spills

Eating in the bedroom is something that you want to avoid. When you are eating in the bedroom, most likely you will be sitting on the bed. If your food, especially the one with broth and sauces, spills or drips on the mattress, it will certainly leave a mattress stain.

Things will get even harder when the food spills contain bold colors, such as red on spaghetti bolognaise sauce or even hot sauce drips.


There is a great idea behind the fact that you should wash your feet before getting on the bed. Dirt is one of the most common causes of the stain.

Think about it, when your feet are covered in dirt and mud and then you are climbing onto the mattress, there is a huge chance that the dirt will leave marks. That is why you should wash your feet, especially, before getting to bed.


You cannot underestimate water. Water is odorless and colorless indeed. However, when they are spilling on the mattress and there is water puddle on the mattress, sure enough, there will be a yellow mattress stain when the water dries out. Besides the stain, water can cause the mattress to stink as well. That is why you may want to avoid water on the mattress.


When you have small children at home, you do know that they mess with everything, including mattresses. Everything can be turned into the canvas by those little Picassos and eventually you won’t be able to stop them from drawing on the mattress.

If the mattress is stained with crayon markings, it won’t be that easy for you to clean it. You will have to wash the mattress properly.

For you who want to keep your mattress at home comfortable and long-lasting, make sure those causes of stain are prevented.

There are so many ways to do it, including to buy a waterproof sheet or to get some wet vacuum cleaner to suck up the stain immediately. If you like it, you can also deal with a mattress stain by wrapping the mattress with a plastic sheet.

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